A Moscow resident claims that a security guard broke her leg when she wanted to use the restroom after the bar closed


01 July 2024


In early June, 29-year-old Anna A. spent the evening in one of the Moscow bars. When the visitors began to leave the joint, she decided to use the restroom. The bar was still open and people were still there. Anna recalls that the guard roughly pushed her away from the entrance, she fell and broke her leg. The girl has been skiing since an early age and this year she planned to go to Mount Elbrus to study as an instructor.

On 8 June, Anna and her sister went to a concert, and after that they decided to spend the evening in the Moscow bar «Razvedka». The girls were there until the morning: the bar was already closing and the last visitors were leaving. Several guards were sitting near the entrance, but the joint was open and, according to Anna, the last guests and staff were still there. Anna recalls that her sister wanted to go to the restroom, but the guard did not let the girls inside and said that the bar was closed. Anna tried to pass inside, despite the man’s objections, but he eventually pushed her away.

«I flew backwards and fell on my friends, then got up and went to the guard asking why he pushed me. I managed to ascend the wooden platform, and almost immediately after that the young man pushed me again. I fell near the veranda, took off my left sneaker and saw how my ankle was starting to swell. I couldn’t get up on my own.»

Anna sat on the ground and could not move because of pain. At this time, her friends and the remaining visitors of the bar approached the girl. None of the security guards stepped up for help, and Anna called the ambulance and the police herself.

Anna was taken to the Research Institute of Emergency named after Sklifosovsky, where she was diagnosed with a broken ankle. Later, Anna underwent surgery and was sent home for treatment. A local police officer came to Anna at the hospital and questioned her. He told the girl that the guard had denied using any force against her. According to the guard, he «grabbed her, took her aside and put her down» because Anna allegedly resisted. No criminal case was ever opened against that security guard.

Currently, Anna moves with the help of crutches and a walker; she cannot step on her foot, and recovery will take about six months. The girl will also have another surgery.

Despite the injury, Anna plans to return to the sport and even take part in competitions at the end of the year.

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