A Prosecutor is encouraged after the petition of human rights defenders


02 October 2017

The Prosecutor of the Orenburg region expressed his appreciation to Deputy Prosecutor of the Perevolotsky District Natalya Milyaeva who was the State Prosecutor in the criminal case on the police officer’s abuse of office. The appreciation to the prosecutor was expressed after the petition of lawyer with the Committee for the Prevention of Torture Albina Mudarisova.

(Photo: Natalya Milyaeva)

In August of this year Albina Mudarisova applied to Prosecutor of the Orenburg region Sergey Berezhitsky with a request of appreciation to Deputy Prosecutor of the Perevolotsky District Natalya Milyaeva, who supported State Prosecution in the criminal case with regard to Senior District Police Officer Anatoly Lagaev. As we have previously reported, the former police officer was declared guilty of committing a crime under items “a, b, v” of Part 3 of Article 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“abuse of office using violence and special equipment and with inflicting grave consequences”), and sentenced to three years of prison term with serving the sentence in a standard regime penal colony.

In his application addressed to the Prosecutor of the Orenburg region Prosecutor Mrs Mudarisova pointed out: “The statements of Mrs Milyaeva during the court hearings are well-grounded in the part of the speech for the prosecution and are characterized by high quality of its presentation, which speaks for thorough examination of the criminal case materials and responsible preparation for each court hearing”.
On 29 September human rights defenders received an answer from the Prosecutor’s Office of the Orenburg region, in which it was stated that Natalya Milyaeva is awarded the appreciation for good attitude to service duties. The official website  of the regional Prosecutor’s Office reported this, as well.

“In our application we expressed gratitude to regional Prosecutor Sergey Berezhitsky for efficient work of Natalya Milyaeva, who demonstrated high level of professionalism and fair practice in her service. We are glad that the regional Prosecutor’s Office responded to our petition in a positive way”, – Mudarisova emphasized.

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