A resident of Kuban has been kept in Pre-Trial Detention Facility for the fourth year on suspicion of a murder of an acquaintance of his. The man thinks that the criminal case is forged and accuses the police officers of tortures      


09 March 2023

Evgeniy Skidanov was apprehended in November 2019 on suspicion of murder and taken to the Department of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia for the Vyselkovsky District. According to Skidanov, the police officers brought him to the basement, hang him on a bar and started to torture him, demanding that he confessed of murder and showed where he hid the body. Evgeniy denied and continues to deny his involvement in the crime. For three years, the Investigative Committee issued 15 dismissals of claims to open a criminal case based on the torture complaint.  

In November 2022, Evgeniy passed a note through his lawyer, addressed to us. The note said, «I’d never thought such a thing is happening in my country. There should not be such a thing happening in a country that is fighting fascism».  

All this time the man is kept at the Pre-Trial Detention Facility, waiting for the Vyselkovsky District Court to collect the panel of jurors. Now the case has been transferred to the court of another district.  During all these years, Evgeniy did not see his children and his relationships with his wife were damaged. Evgeniy has a good reputation in the village, where he was working for years at the sugar plant, where he was apprehended on a suspicion of a murder of a colleague. Evgeniy has elderly parents who have been spending a lot of money all these years to support their son at the at the Pre-Trial Detention Facility and to pay for his defense in court.