Chechnya Investigation Committee: the murder of a man from Grebnevskaya village will be investigated, the officers in charge will probably be punished


27 October 2009

The motion of lawyer Supyan Baskhanov, head of the Chechen representation of the Interregional Committee against Torture, requesting certain investigative actions is sustained. The murder in the Shelkovskoy district of Chechnya committed by the police will be investigated.

   At the end of July 2009 citizens of the village of Grebnevskaya applied to the Chechen representation of the Interregional Committee against Torture claiming that their relatives – Rustam Eskerkhanov and Lom-Ali Ezerbiyev – had been killed by the local police. Lawyers of the Committee checked the application and found Russia in breach of art.2 of the ECHR (right to life).  

The investigation authorities have sustained the motion of lawyer Baskhanov asking them to find eye-witnesses of the conflict preceding the murder. Now steps should be taken to identify the perpetrators and interrogate them, to find out whether usage of weapon, police cars and officers on duty for private purposes was justified, to decide if the policemen who violated the orders of the Chechnya Ministry of the Interior are to be held disciplinary liable.

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