Chita Centre for Human Rights Protection drops out of the Multi-regional Association Agora.


20 November 2007

Official Statement of Chita Centre for Human Rights Protection

“Lately the board of directors of Agora association which was founded with the support of Chita Centre for HRP in 2005 has been propagating negative and false information about the Centre for HRP. In several reports and analytical studies Agora stated that there was a raid on the Centre and that Chita authorities were trying to hamper the activities of our Centre.

Of course, the state puts a lot of pressure upon NGOs in Russia. And it’s really a major problem nowadays and we are willing to cooperate with our colleagues to fight this tendency. But we are strongly against the fact that analysts of the association include our Centre into the list of organizations that suffered from state and local authorities’ pressure just for the purposes of statistics. We are against gambling with such issues. We want to underline that until now there has been no pressure put upon us by the authorities and we hope that we are not going to face it in the future.

Despite the court decision Agora leadership doubt that the new chairman of the Centre was appointed legitimately. And they share their considerations with the public through mass media. However, after some unfavourable statements appeared in papers, chairman of Chita Centre for Human Rights Protection Evgeniy Anisimov got an official invitation to participate in Agora founders’ meeting. Thus, the lawful character of new head election was confirmed de facto by Agora.

Due to the fact that Agora was giving incorrect information to the mass media, we had to address the reporters directly. We think the situation when populism and profiteering are placed higher than partnership and human rights values is unacceptable.

We appeal to all interested parties and mass media representatives asking them to be more critical of the information issued by Agora not only concerning our Centre, but in general. Chita Centre for Human Rights Protection is not Agora member or partner. Our Centre is a registered independent human rights organization acting in accordance with the Charter of Chita Centre for Human Rights Protection. Only representatives of our Centre can provide you with information on the activity of the centre.   ”