05 February 2008 Bashkiria citizen got 60 thousand rubles from the sate for battery in the police office 01 February 2008 On February 4, 2008 the court in Bashkiria will adjudicate on the case against police officers accused of battery of a schoolboy. 31 January 2008 Yoshkar-Ola citizen got 40 thousand rubles because she had been beaten by a police officer 30 January 2008 The Prosecutor’s office tried to drag another case into the European Court 29 January 2008 Video of the press-conference on the case of Olga Maslova and Fyodor Nalbandov organized by the Committee against Torture 28 January 2008 The Committee against Torture organizes a press-conference on Olga Maslova’s case 25 January 2008 The Multiregional Committee against Torture invited mass media to a press-conference 24 January 2008 The European Court adjudicates on the case of Nizhny Novgorod citizens Olga Maslova and Fyodor Nalbandov. 23 January 2008 On January 24, 2008 the European Court on Human Rights delivers a verdict on the case of Nizhny Novgorod citizen Olga Maslova 17 January 2008 President of the PACE will discuss ratification of Protocols 6 and 14 with President Vladimir Putin 17 January 2008 The state paid 400 thousand rubles to two Chechnya citizens as compensation for killing their relatives 14 January 2008 The Mariy El Supreme Court approved the decision of the Yoshkar Ola court to pay compensation to Denis Darovskih, a minor battered by the police 11 January 2008 January 12 – Day of the RF Prosecutor’s Office 09 January 2008 Another wrongful decision of the prosecution service 09 January 2008 A criminal case against the policemen who had violently beaten a citizen of Yoshkar-Ola was opened 09 January 2008 Policemen from Orenburg were sentenced to 7 years in a penal colony for homicide 26 December 2007 The case of the schoolboy from Bashkiria beaten by policemen is again in court 21 December 2007 The sentence on policemen who ill-treated Genady Denisov has been passed 17 December 2007 The INGO Committee Against Torture will take part in a seminar on law in Tomsk 14 December 2007 A district policeman has beaten a man to death
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