02 May 2007 Order form Chaos: when will prosecution officials be able to comply with their own rules? 28 April 2007 Comments of the NN Committee Against Torture concerning another “march of the dissenters” in Nizhny Novgorod 26 April 2007 Aleksandr Shalagin, a deputy chief of the UBOP of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Chuvashia, is convicted for cruel treatment of his subordinate 25 April 2007 The Treasury of the Republic of Mari-El is to pay 20 thousand rubles in compensation to a citizen of Yoshkar-Ola 24 April 2007 The European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT) made a public statement concerning the Chechen Republic of the Russian Federation 11 April 2007 The prosecutor’s office of Chuvashia is shattering the prosecution at the trial in respect of the case of Mr. Shalagin, a deputy chief of the UBOP of Chuvashia 11 April 2007 The Sovetsky District Court has come to the defense of constitutional rights of citizens 10 April 2007 20 thousand rubles for police “exercises” with a baseball bat 10 April 2007 Mr. A.V. Sharov, a deputy prosecutor of Dzerzhinsk City, was brought to account 06 April 2007 Today the Nizhny Novgorod Regional Court is considering the appeal of Dmitry Andronov against the decision to keep him in custody as judicial restraint 05 April 2007 The case of Aleksey Mikheev is now in English 04 April 2007 Having applied to the Yoshkar-Ola City Prosecutor’s Office for help, a woman found herself before a doctor 04 April 2007 The European Court is expecting comments from the Russian Government under the case “Lisina v. Russia” 30 March 2007 The sentence against policemen from Arzamas who tortured a man to death has entered into force 29 March 2007 The NN Committee Against Torture has discussed the “Sociology of Violence” with journalists in Moscow 29 March 2007 The Bogorodsk City Court has brought in the verdict against the former policeman who took part in cruel treatment of the Kabanovs 29 March 2007 The Nizhny Novgorod Regional Prosecutor’s Office has acknowledged that prosecutor of Pavlovo City improperly fulfilled his duties 27 March 2007 Legal proceedings against the police official who cruelly treated his subordinate begin in Chuvashia 27 March 2007 The NN Committee Against Torture has forwarded a Letter to the head of the Central Department of Internal Affairs (GUVD) of Nizhny Novgorod Region 26 March 2007 The administration of the Orenburg Regional Central Police Department (UVD) has greatly appreciated the cooperation with the NN Committee Against Torture
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