18 February 2021 The Investigative Committee performs a check with regard to the death of a resident of Nizhny Novgorod who fell from the window of the Ministry of the Interior 17 February 2021 Red tape during the investigation is not a reason for damage compensation 15 February 2021 Investigators will have to examine the battery complaint of the football fan from Samara for the 13-th time 12 February 2021 The Krasnodar Prosecutor’s Office once again obliged to resume the criminal case on torture and abduction 11 February 2021 Residents of the Orenburg region accuse police officers of forcing to confess of a group rape 10 February 2021 A resident of Krasnodar accuses the officers in civilian clothes who apprehended him during the protest rally, of illegal violence 09 February 2021 A resident of Chechnya won the case at the European Court of Human Rights 09 February 2021 Lawyer with the Committee Against Torture reports on her apprehension during protest rallies monitoring 05 February 2021 In Krasnodar, the criminal case on negligence resulted in a death of an arrested man, is dismissed for the third time 03 February 2021 The cassational court in Bashkiria upheld the soft verdict of the Bashkirian police officers convicted for electricity torture 02 February 2021 Two years of the investigators’ red tape is not a reason for damage compensation 01 February 2021 The results of the monitoring of 31st of January protest rallies in several regions of Russia 30 January 2021 Open letter by Igor Kalyapin to First Deputy Prosecutor of the Nizhny Novgorod region Vyacheslav Rekhtin 29 January 2021 Victims of law-enforcement officers’ violence at the Moscow rally applied to the Investigative Committee 27 January 2021 In Krasnodar, the claim to open a criminal case on tying up people to posts in summer heat is dismissed for the third time 27 January 2021 In Dagestan, court hearing on torturing a man by the two police officers started 26 January 2021 Belarus: a new report of human rights’ defenders on tortures and refusal of the authorities to investigate them 22 January 2021 The Committee Against Torture is ready to provide assistance in case of illegal use of violence during the protest rallies 20 January 2021 The Court passed a ruling to pay 300 000 rubles to the former suspect of double murder 19 January 2021 The police officers’ version on apprehension of a resident from Krasnodar is disproved by a video record