30 November 2020 For the tenth time, the Investigative Committee refused to open a criminal case on tortures of the three men who incriminated themselves in double murder 26 November 2020 In Chechnya, the court passed a sentence in the case of a murder of a resident of Dagestan, which, possibly, involved law-enforcement officers 26 November 2020 The Krasnodar investigators refused to work on the complaints concerning tortures with boiling water at the police station 25 November 2020 A disabled from Nizhny Novgorod is registered with grave bodily harm after he spent some time at the police station 19 November 2020 For the third time, the Orenburg investigators refuse to open a criminal case concerning the battery of foreign citizens 18 November 2020 The Moscow applicant of the Committee Against Torture complained about the battery that never happened 17 November 2020 Freelance attesting witnesses. Ivan Golunov’s new investigation. The blog of the Committee Against Torture 16 November 2020 The action to help driver Bashir Pliyev 16 November 2020 Two police officers charged with breaking the leg of a citizen from Krasnodar, stood trial 16 November 2020 The Investigative Committee resumed the check of a report on abduction of 1Adat Telegram chat moderator 12 November 2020 Criminal case into abuse of office is opened in Krasnodar 11 November 2020 Criminal case is opened in the Krasnodar Territory with regard to the fact of the battery of a defendant 10 November 2020 “Started to weep with pain”. A resident of the Krasnodar Territory accuses the police officers of torture 09 November 2020 The Prosecutor’s Office dismissed the claim to resume the check of the complaint of a resident of Nizhny Novgorod with regard to the police torture after the UN Committee’s ruling 03 November 2020 In the Moscow region, ex-police officer is sentenced to 4 years’ prison term for tortures 29 October 2020 The State Prosecutor requested 4 years’ prison term for tortures at the police department of the Moscow region 28 October 2020 The Investigative Committee refused to initiate criminal proceedings with regard to abduction of 1Adat Telegram channel moderator 23 October 2020 The claim of three former police officers from Nizhny Novgorod, charged with torture, to open a criminal case on false accusation against them, is dismissed 22 October 2020 The court obliged to resume the criminal prosecution of the former head of the Criminal Investigation in Solnechnogorsk, Moscow region, which was dismissed five years ago 22 October 2020 14-year old girl from Dagestan claimed of having been forced to a false accusation of rape