In Orenburg, the court obliged the Ministry of the Interior officers to apologize for illegal actions against the protest rally participant who shouted «Russia will be free!»


22 August 2022

The Leninsky District Court examined the administrative bill of complaint by lawyers with the Committee Against Torture who represent the interests of Vladimir Savchenko. Human rights defenders insisted that the police officers apologized for illegal apprehension, delivery and bringing to responsibility the participant of a protest rally held on 31 January 2021. The court obliged the Ministry of the Interior to offer apologies.     

According to the law, the police officers should have done that at their own initiative, after the court declared their actions to be violating the federal law on police and the norms of the Code of Administrative Offences. However, Head of the Orenburg Municipal Department of the Interior Oleg Chernyavsky refused to do it.   

Vladimir Savchenko participated in a protest rally on 31 January 2021 in Orenburg. According to him, unknown men in civilian clothes seized him by the neck and after Savchenko shouted «Russia will be free!» they hit him in the solar plexus. He was taken to the Police Department No.1 of Orenburg where protocols on administrative offence were drawn up with regard to Vladimir under items 19.3 («failure to obey the legal demand of a police officer») and item 5 of the Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation («violation of the established procedure of organization or execution of a meeting, rally, demonstration, march or picket»). He was apprehended and taken to a special detention facility where he spent more than one day. 

Comment of head of the Orenburg branch of the CAT Albina Mudarisova:  

«This has been the first case in the history of working with applicants in the Orenburg region, when the police refuse to offer apologies for the illegal actions of their officers. The refusal to apologize is shocking due to its insolence and ignorance. When the court ruling enters into legal force, we shall apply to Head of the Department of Interior for the Orenburg region with a request to work with personnel in this direction».