Investigator Anisimov from Orenburg tries to prevent the Committee Against Torture from inquiring into a murder committed police officers


14 February 2012

We have been recently updated on the investigation progress under the notorious case of Armenian citizen Armen Sargasyan’s murder committed on November 18, 2011.  

According to the father of the deceased who is a victim under this case, on February 13 special investigator of the Investigative Administration of the Investigative Committee for Orenburg region Sergey Anisimov summoned him for a talk to persuade him to reject assistance of the Orenburg office of the Committee Against Torture. The investigator maintained that the Committee staff would ruin the case.

Last week the same investigator dismissed the petition requesting authorization of ICAT public investigation inspector Evgeny Bogryakov as victim’s representative. At the present moment the Investigative Administration is considering an appeal against that decision.  

Specialists of the Committee Against Torture do not doubt that their acknowledgement as victim’s representatives is just a matter of time. They have many times succeeded in appealing against such refusals. They believe that the real reason why the investigator wants to escape monitoring by human rights defenders is his fear that they would not allow him to be biased in assessing the facts of the case and actions of its participants.

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