Lawyers of the Committee Against Torture help citizens, who are victims of police abuse in Bashkortostan


11 January 2007

Tomorrow, on 12 January 2007 the Oktyabrsky City Court of Bashkortostan will hold a hearing of the criminal case against two district police officers of the Oktyabrsky City Police Department (GOVD) – major A. Sharafutdinov and captain S. Bayguzin.

    Both the police officers are charged with power abuse with coercion (article 286 of the RF Criminal Code) and unlawful intrusion to habitation (article 139 of the RF Criminal Code). In total the two officers committed 15 unlawful episodes, with eight citizens being offended. One of the victims is Sergey Ruzov, whose case of assault and battery was publicly investigated by experts of the Committee Against Torture.

    On 14 July 2006 the Oktyabrsky City Court ruled to release Mr. Sharafutdinov from criminal responsibility and put him to a specialized psychiatric clinic for a compulsory course of treatment.

    Mr. Bayguzinov was acquitted of charges as provided by articles 286 and 139 of the RF Criminal Code on the ground of the lack of corpus delicti.

    On 30 November 2006 panel of criminal judges of the Supreme Court of Bashkortostan reversed the judgments in respect of Mr. Bayguzin and Mr. Sharafutdinov on appeal and remanded the case for another consideration.

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