Open letter of Igor Kalyapin to the Chairman of the Public Chamber of the Chechen Republic

Событие | Пресс центр

06 November 2014

To the Chairman of the Public Chamber
of the Chechen Republic
Gairsolt Karim-Sultanovich Batayev   

Dear Gairsolt Karim-Sultanovich,

As it has become known from the publication, published on the website of the Public Chamber of the Chechen Republic, on 28 October of this year a Chamber Council meeting took place, where «a rather thorough and constructive discussion was dedicated to one of the crucial issues of modern society activity – influence of social networking websites on formation of the world view of the society in general, and of the youth, in particular».  

«The Chamber’s member U.A.Alkhotov, who was appointed as a main speaker on this issue, brought to the attention of the attendees the fact that “the social networking websites are, in their essence, multifunctional channels of information, agitation, propaganda and circulation of extreme religious beliefs, biased views on the modern society mainly in the youth circles. An important part of this propaganda is dedicated to interpretation of events taking place in Russia or its regions».  

– In particular, – said U.Alkhotov, – events in the Chechen Republic are subjected to different insinuations and biased interpretation. It concerns the process of returning to traditional Islam, traditional national customs, forming-up  the relationships of generations in view of the historical values. Civil society institutes should ensure a reliable and professional defensive screen against social networking websites propaganda built on contraposition of one part of the society to the other.

In their subsequent speeches the Council members A.Karimov, V.Murtazaliyev, M.Dunayev, M.Mutsayev and A.Kurganova supported the idea of creating a special structure which would monitor propagandistic declarations in the social networking websites and immediately react to libelous or biased materials of the websites, – informs the Chechen Republic Public Chamber press-service.  

Based on results of this meeting, as is mentioned on the website of the Public Chamber of the Chechen Republic, proposals have been announced and passed which are aimed at enhancing the educational work with youth and significantly mitigating the effect of propagandistic declarations of the social networking websites. One of this proposals provides considering the possibility of establishing the Commission on social networking websites declarations content monitoring and on professional response to these declarations. 

Interregional non-governemntal organization «The Committee Against Torture», that I am the head of, which has been working for a long time in the Chechen Republic and is an active newsmaker of the region, expresses its readiness to actively cooperate with this Commission, if such is established. It may well be that such an initiative can be useful and testify of civil society development, of the will to carry on a dialogue with the opponents in an open information field within the limits of the law. 

While the esteemed members of the Chechen community consider the possibility of establishing of such Commission, I cannot but ask a question: if we find elements of extremism or libel in public statements of the Chechen Republic officials, will we be able to initiate the examination of the Commission in relation to this matter and hope for further efficient response and zero tolerance towards such statements?  

With hope for constructive cooperation.

Chairman of INGO «The Committee Against Torture» Igor Kalyapin.