The Committee against Torture demands that the Investigation Committee under the Nizhny Novgorod region Prosecutor’s office should hold the investigator responsible for breaching the law


06 November 2008

 Today the Interregional Committee against Torture sent an official notice demanding that workers of the Investigation Committee and Prosecutor’s office who, in the opinion of the Committee, had gravely violated the law in course of investigation into the Veselovskiys’ application whose interests are represented by lawyers of the Committee.  

The notice was sent in the name of Mr. Stravinskas, had of the Investigation Administration of the Investigation Committee under the RF Prosecutor’s office for Nizhny Novgorod region, and Mr. Maximenko, prosecutor for Nizhny Novgorod region.

The notice speaks about violations committed by workers of the IA of IC under the RF PO for Nizhny Novgorod region, particularly, by investigator Burenkov in connection with investigation into Ms. Veselovskaya’s application claiming that she was subject to unlawful violent treatment by the traffic police.

As you know, Mr. Burenkov has refused to start criminal proceedings against police officers. The Gorodetsk court found this refusal unlawful and subject to cancellation.

In accordance with law and legal regulations of the Investigation Committee, in each case when an unlawful or unmotivated decision is issued, the official in charge of the decision, Mr. Burenkov in our case, is to be held responsible for that.  In the opinion of the Committee against Torture, he has substantially violated the requirements of the Gorodetsk Investigation Department head, chairman of the Investigation Committee under the RF Prosecutor’s office, as well as article 39, p.3 of the RF Criminal Procedure Code.

Lawyers of the Committee against Torture insist that an official check of the investigator’s actions is to be conducted and the perpetrators violating the law and citizens’ rights under law are to be held liable.

The Committee against torture presumes that the situation in question is caused by lack of control on behalf of the Interdistrict Investigation Department administration.

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