The court did not send the police officer, charged with electric shocker tortures, to Pre-Trial Detention Facility


26 September 2019
Sergey Pavlov, photo: https://56.мвд.рф/

Today, on 26 September 2019, judge of the Saraktashsky District Court Irina Toshereva dismissed the investigator’s motion to take into custody senior investigative police officer Sergey Pavlov, who is accused of hitting two local residents with electric shocker in the area of the genitals demanding that they confessed of theft of five thousand rubles. The court selected a house arrest as a measure of restraint. For now, the second police officer is involved in the case as a witness.
As we have previously reported, on 15 August 2019, 21-year old Roman Chikviladze from Cherniy Otrog railroad station of the Saraktashskiy District of the Orenburg region applied to the Committee Against Torture for legal assistance.

According to Roman, on 10 August his 82-year old father accused him and his half-brother Valiko of stealing five thousand rubles. The brothers tried to free themselves from an accusation and reported that they did not take the money from their father. Then the father called the police. The police officer arrived in about fifteen minutes, roughly at 10 p.m., and suggested that Roman goes with him. Roman agreed, and the police officer took him to Chernootrozhskiy rural council.

“The police officer asked me whether I took the money. I told him I did not. Then he called his colleague and let him talk to me. He also asked whether I took the money, I replied that I did not. Then he said he would come now from Saraktash and would sort this out”, – Roman says.

Chikviladze remembers that the second police officer came to the rural council at about midnight. He brought a belt and an electric shocker.

“This police officer asked me took the money. I answered that I did not know and that I did not take them. He said: “Well, if you don’t want a good way, it will be a bad way. We will torture you!” I grew scared, said “Can we do without it?”, and he answered: “There is no other way” and led me to the rural council assembly hall”, – Roman continues.
In his explanations, Chikviladze described tortures in the following way: “When I sat on a chair, the police officer pulled the belt underneath the chair seat and fixed my feet with it tight in such a way that the buckle was in the area of my thighs. The police officer repeated the question once again: “Where did you get the money?”, I told him I did not take the money. Then he hit me with electric shocker’s discharge in the groin area which inflicted unbearable pain”.

According to Roman, the torture lasted for about half an hour: in total, he received about five electric shocker discharges.

After some time, the police officers brought his brother, Valiko. According to Roman, the police officers also tied him up to a chair and demanded that he confessed of stealing the money, applying electric shocker. But Valiko also refused to bear false testimony against oneself. In fear of further pressure and tortures, Roman agreed to take the blame on himself and write a full confession. Only after that the two men were released home.

Roman went to live with his uncle in the neighboring village and for several days he was afraid to get out.

Only on 14 August he made up his mind to go to a doctor and went to the Saraktashskiy District Hospital. After the examination the doctor immediately reported the detected injuries of Roman to the police.

“Immediately the very same police officer who hit me with electric shocker came to the hospital and took away the medical documents that I received, – Roman describes. – After that he asked if I smoked, I replied negatively, and then he bought two cake cheeses for me and gave me a lift home”.
After Chikviladze applied to the Committee Against Torture, human rights defenders helped him to register the bodily injuries on the same day at the Bureau of Forensic Medical expert examination in Orenburg.

According to the certificate of the forensic medical examination conducted on 15 August, Roman Chikviladze was diagnosed with bodily injuries in the form of “electric markings in the area of both thighs, external sex organs, which may have been generated as a result of repeated impact of electricity”.

On the same day Chikviladze applied to a combustiologist, who diagnosed him with the following: “Electrical shock. Electric trauma of 1st degree. Electrical markings on both thighs and external sex organs”.

On 16 August, human rights defenders submitted a crime report to the Saraktashskiy Interdistrict Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Orenburg region.

On 16 September, head of this department Artem Fedyakov passed a ruling on initiating criminal proceedings with regard to the crime committed against Roman Chikviladze under items “a”, “b” of Part 3 of Article 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“abuse of office using violence and special equipment”).

On 23 September, Valiko Baygulov also applied to the Committee Against Torture for legal assistance. That is how he recalls what happened on that night at the rural assembly hall: “A police officer hit me twice with electric shocker in the groin area in the presence of his colleague and Roma, and the colleague did not even attempt to stop him, but only kept asking where we put the five thousand rubles that we took from father. I said I did not take the money, but, apparently, they were not satisfied with my answer. When Roma was taken to the room in front, me and the district officer remained alone, and once again he hit me with electric shocker and once again I screamed from unbearable pain, but I did not bear false witness against myself”.

On 24 September, senior district investigative officer of the Cherny Otrog settlement of the Department of the Interior of Russia for the Saraktashsky District Sergey Pavlov was apprehended under suspicion of having committed the afore mentioned crimes and taken to the temporary detention facility. Later on the charges were brought against him.

Today, judge of the Saraktashsky District Court of the Orenburg region Irina Toshereva dismissed the investigator’s motion on taking Sergey Pavlov into custody in the investigative detention cell. The court selected a house arrest till 24 November 2019 as a measure of restraint.
“District officer Sergey Pavlov, who is accused of electricity torture of two men, is an acting police officer and, due to his position and personal connections is able to exert pressure on the victims and the witnesses, as well as on the whole progress of the investigation. For example, after we got involved in the case, some police officers came to Roman, trying to talk him into giving up on his claims, and Valiko for a long time could not make up his mind to apply to law-enforcement agencies, because he was terribly intimidated by the police officers and did not believe he could succeed in making the justice to prevail, – lawyer with the Committee Against Torture Albina Mudarisova comments. – The investigator described this in his motion, and we supported him, but the judge could not be convinced. We will appeal against this ruling”.

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