The court hearing of the Chechen Ministry of Interior charge against Amriyev who complained of torture by the police is rescheduled for 25 December, Caucasian Knot


17 December 2014

Examination of the Ministry of Interior of the Chechen Republic’s claim against sportsman Murad Amriyev, who complained of abduction and torture by the police of Grozny city, is rescheduled for 25 December, informed the defendant’s representative, lawyer of the Committee Against Torture Sergey Babinets. The court rescheduled the court hearing based on the notion by the JMG lawyer due to the fire in their office which destroyed all the documents. 

As «Caucasian Knot» has previously reported, in September 2013 Murad Amriyev applied to Joint Mobile Group of human rights defenders, which involves members of the Committee Against Torture, for help, informing that on 25 August 2013 he was abducted and tortured for two days in the building of Grozny city Department of Interior. On 27 June 2014 representatives of the Chechen Department of Interior applied to the court charging Murad Amriyev to defend their honor, dignity and business reputation. On 8 December Leninsky District Court of Grozny without reservation satisfied the application of the plaintiff on quashing the dismissal without prejudice and scheduled new examination of charge for 15 December.   

On 15 December Amriyev representatives filed a notion for rescheduling of the court hearing.  

«On 15 December we filed a notion for rescheduling the court hearing since all the documents necessary for representing the interests of the defendant were destroyed by fire on 13 December during the fire in our office. The court satisfied the notion and rescheduled the examination of the claim for 25 December», Sergey Babinets informed the correspondent of «Caucasian Knot» today.

On 13 December a fire occurred in Grozny office of the Joint Mobile Group. The office workers claimed that the fire could be caused by arson. There were no injured, but the office where the organization’s documentation was stored, completely burnt out.

As Babinets pointed out, the claim will be examined in the defendant’s absence, since he was forced to leave the Republic due to safety reasons and is abroad at the moment.     

It’s worth noting that the representatives of the Department of Interior demand to declare the statements made by Amriyev false and oblige him to publish a denial of these statements and order to collect a compensation for morale damages from him.     

The ruling on dismissing the Ministry of Interior of the Chechen Republic’s claim without prejudice at the request of the defendant’s representatives, which was quashed on 8 December, was passed by the court on 9 October. At that time the court made this decision due to the fact that the plaintiff did not attend the court hearings, although he was appropriately notified on time, date and location of the case examination, the Committee Against Torture’s web site informs.       

«Caucasian Knot» is not aware of any comments of the law-enforcements representatives concerning Murad Amriyev statements and the charge against him.   

Source: Caucasian Knot

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