The court quashed the verdict of the police officers who broke the leg of a resident of Krasnodar. They mistook him for a criminal when he was getting over a fence of his own house


17 November 2022


The Krasnodar regional court quashed the sentence of the two police officers and returned the case to the Prosecutor. Previously, officers Vyacheslav Zyabkin and Vladimir Tatarkov were convicted for abuse of office (article 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Lawyers of the CAT intend to appeal against the court ruling.     

In June of this year, the Prikubansky District Court of Krasnodar declared police officers Vyacheslav Zyabkin and Vladimir Tatarkov guilty and sentenced them to conditional terms — four and three years accordingly, with debarring from holding public offices. However, the police officers did not agree with the court verdict. During the court hearing, Vyacheslav Zyabkin said that the story with brutal apprehension was «a fantasy of the relatives» and denied having hit Manchenko. Vladimir Tatarkov also pleaded not guilty, saying that he did his work always “honestly and fairly”. 

Comment from CAT lawyer

We are surprised with the ruling of the regional court, but so far we are unaware what it’s based on. We shall decide about an appeal when we receive appellate ruling and learn the motives of the court to return the criminal case to the Prosecutor.    

In March 2019, Evgeny Manchenko lost his keys and tried to get over the fence of his house. This was noticed by police officers Zyabkin and Tatarkov who were patrolling the street on that day. They ran up to him and started to pull him off the fence and hit his foot with a rubber truncheon. All this time he was calling his parents for help – they were at home at that time.      

«Having run out in the street after we heard our son’s shouts, I saw he was lying on the floor of the police UAZ vehicle, handcuffed with his arms pulled behind his back, – Snezhana recalls. – In addition, Zhenya was screaming with pain, but the police officers trying to prevent my access to him and insisted that we go to police department for  investigation. Only some time later I managed to persuade them to remove the handcuffs from my son».    

After hospitalization, doctor diagnosed Evgeny with a closed fracture, which was evaluated as a grave health damage, according to the medical forensic report. Snezhana Manchenko applied with a crime report to the Investigative Committee which opened a criminal case against two Patrol-Guard Service officers Vyacheslav Zyabkin and Vladimir Tatarkov. 

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