The Human Rights Assignee in Chechnya and the Multiregional Committee against Torture reinforce their cooperation


24 March 2008

   On March 20 in Grozniy (the Republic of Chechnya) chairman of the Multiregional Committee against Toture Mr. Igor Kalyapin met Mr. Nurdy Nukhazhiyev, human rights assignee in the Republic of Chechnya.

Photo: I. Kalyapin (left) and N.Nukhazhiyev

Representatives of human rights NGOs from Chechnya and Mr.Supyan Baskhanov, head of the Chechnya office of the Committee against Torture also took part in the meeting.

The participants raised the issues of increasing the Prosecutor’s office effectiveness in maintaining human rights and dealing with torture complaints filed by the citizens, prevention of police abuse. They also discussed the situation with human rights protection on the territory of Chechnya. Besides, Mr. Nukhazhiyev and Mr.Kalyapin decided to expand cooperation between the Assignee and the Mulriregional Committee against Torture and to create the environment of partnership to prevent further torturs in the republic.

Chairman of the Committee against Torture Mr. Igor Kalyapin also met Mr. Kury Idrisov, PhD in medicine, psychiatrist of higher category. They touched upon the problem of rehabilitation of people who have suffered from physical and psychological abuse at police stations, as well as the problem of psychotraumas arising from military operations in the republic. They agreed to cooperate in the sphere of providing medical aid to torture victims and eye-witnesses of violent treatment of their relatives who acquired the status of victims in course of the proceedings.

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