The Interregional Committee Against Torture has helped a man from Kazan to win 26 500 euro in the European Court


15 June 2010

The Strasbourg Court has established three violations of Albert Mukhutdinov’s rights   

  Albert Narimanovich Mukhutdinov applied to the ECtHR in 2000. From 9 September 1998 till 16 January 2002, i.e. more than three years, Mr. Mukhutdinov had been kept in remand prisons in Tatarstan, Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Karsnoyarsk, Irkutsk. The European Court has held that the detention conditions in those facilities were inhuman because the cells where Mukhutdinov was locked up were overcrowded. Therefore, the ECtHR has found Russia in breach of Article 3 of the European Convention.

Besides, the ECtHR has held that Russia violated two provisions of Article 6 of the Convention (right to a fair trial). The European Court has maintained that Mukhutdinov’s rights were violated in course of supervisory proceedings in the RF Supreme Court. The ECtHR has also concluded that Russian authorities did not ensure the applicant’s active participation in the trial of civil suits filed against Mukhutdinov by the victims. Taking into account the violations committed, the Court has awarded Mr.Mukhutdinov 26 500 euro.

Interestingly, this ECtHR judgment has provoked another violation of the applicant’s rights. At present Mr. Mukhutdinov is serving his sentence in penal colony IK-5 in Mordovia. Vice-chairperson of the ICAT Olga Sadovskaya who represented Mukhutdinov’s interests in the ECtHR has contacted the colony administration and asked it to notify the applicant about the outcome of the case. However, the colony administration has refused to inform Mukhutdinov about his victory.

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