The investigation into the allegations of Alexey Yakimov’s tortures is over. Two officers from the Nizhegorodsky district Directorate of the Interior are indicted


21 October 2009

Photo: Alexey Yakimov allegedly tortured by two Nizhny Novgorod policemen.

   The investigation authorities have finished investigating the criminal case against two officers of the Nizhegorosdky district Directorate of the Interior – senior detective officer of the Criminal Investigation Department, police captain Anatoly Timofeyev and detective officer from the same department, police lieutenant Oleg Koreguin – who are charged with abuse of office in respect of Alexey Yakimov.

In spring 2009 Alexey Yakimov applied to the Interregional Committee against Torture claiming that he had been abused by the police. Thanks to the efforts of the Committee, at the end of April 2009 the investigation authorities had to open a criminal case upon the fact of Alexey’s battery.  In May 2009 Mr. Yakimov was acknowledged victim.  And now, upon termination of the preliminary investigation, Mr. Yakimov was given the criminal case materials.

These materials state that the policemen are charged under cl. “a”, “b” p. 3 art. 286 (abuse of office, i.e. the state agents have performed acts connected to cruel treatment, threat of cruel treatment or application of special tools, clearly standing outside the scope of their official powers and causing material violation of citizens’ rights and legal interests), p. 1 art. 325 (destruction or damaging official documents on personal grounds), p. 1 art. 119 (threat of death or injury if there are grounds to believe the threat to be real), cl. “d”, “е” p. 2 art. 117 (causing psychological and physical suffering by systematic battery or other forms of violent treatment, not covered by  art. 111, 112 of the RF Criminal Code, amounting to tortures and committed by a group of people by previous concert) of the RF Criminal Code.

The investigation determined that on 5 April 2009 detectives Koreguin and Timofeyev had tortured victim Yakimov in their office, thus abusing their official powers. Besides, the police unlawfully searched Mr. Yakimov, unlawfully withdrew his personal belongings, including documents that were later destroyed by them. Officers Koreguin and Timofeyev also unlawfully applied special devices (handcuffs) to Mr. Yakimov. The police threatened Yakimov with violence and death. The officers said they would throw him out of the window, and even opened the window to support their menaces. Besides, the police many times put a plastic bag on Mr. Yakimov’s head to prevent access of air which caused the victim great psychological suffering. The preliminary investigation showed that indictees Koreguin and Timofeyev had taken Yakimov to the embankment of the Grebnoy Canal and shoved the man into the water which could kill him.

The investigation determined that on 5 April 2009 from 2 to 5 a.m. police officers Koreguin and Timofeyev had tortured Alexey Yakimov. The police systematically inflicted pain and sufferings on Yakimov by abusing him.

In the nearest future the criminal case against the policemen will go to court. The Committee against Torture continues providing legal aid to Mr. Yakimov and will represent his interests in the courtroom.

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