The investigative authorities have instigated criminal proceedings upon the fact of Alexander Dmitriyev’s abuse by the police


14 April 2011

The Sovietsy District Investigation Department has started criminal proceedings under Alexander Dmitriyev’s application alleging tortures by the local police.

The Committee Against Torture, where Mr. Dmitriyev applied for help, has ensured an effective official check under his application which resulted in the instigation of criminal proceedings under cl.”a”, part 3 of Article 286 of the Russian Criminal Code (abuse of office with violent treatment).  

 You may remember that Mr. Dmitriyev claims that he was unlawfully detained by the police, taken to a police station, and cruelly tortured for the purposes of obtaining a confession from him. Among other things, the applicant alleges that he was subject to the so called “envelope” torture.

The victim was taken to hospital 39 and diagnosed with a concussion and fracture of two vertebrae. At the moment Alexander Dmitriyev’s mobility is limited because of the injuries sustained.

The Committee Against Torture will ensure that the investigative authorities conduct an effective official investigation into the allegations, identify those responsible for torturing Dmitriyev and submit a corresponding bill of indictment to court.

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