The notorious case of Sochi special police forces goes to court again


01 June 2009

  This time the court will try a class action suit claiming compensation of moral damage incurred by unlawful actions of SPF officers. 

   Eleven victims under the criminal case against Sochi SPF officers have decided to use their right for compensation of moral damage. On 9 July 2009 the Lazarevsky district court of Sochi will conduct a preliminary hearing under the class action suit. The respondent party is the RF Finance Ministry. The total amount of compensation claimed is 650 thousand roubles. The case will be tried by federal judge Rubtsova who in October last year found eight SPF officers guilty of abuse of office and sentenced them to imprisonment. The SPF officers were punished for the raid they had conducted in 2006 in Druzhba children’s camp that had affected many citizens, including minors.  From the moment of those tragic events in Nizhneye Makopse the Committee against Torture has legally supported  the victims of that unlawful special operation. Lawyer Yuriy Sidorov from the Interregional Committee against Torture will represent the claimants’ interests.


Of the Interregional Committee against Torture

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