The Supreme Court of Chechnya has doubled the compensation award to 300 000 rubles for the widow of the Chechen killed in 2005


11 November 2010

Petimat Ausheva from Chechnya, whose husband was blown up with a grenade by a serviceman of the federal troops, is not satisfied with the compensation amount and is going to appeal against the decision.

   Earlier the Leninsky district court of Grozny partially sustained Ausheva’s claim for compensation of pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage and awarded her 100 000 rubles as compensation of moral damage, and 115 000 rubles as compensation of material damage. Ausheva, who remained alone with three children after her husband’s murder, claimed 5 000 000 rubles.

   Petimat Ausheva’s interests are represented by lawyers of the Chechen representation of the Committee Against Torture. They conducted apublic investigation under Ausheva’s application which revealed that in 2005 Russian serviceman Tikhonov, being intoxicated, had blown up a hand grenade in the car with Ausheva’s husband Adam Tukhshayev. The latter obtained numerous fragment wounds leading to his death.  In summer 2008 Tikhonov pled guilty in part and was discharged from liability because an examination had shown that he was suffering from a “chronical mental disorder in the form of paranoid schizophrenia of a continuous progressing type”. The court sent Tikhonov for a compulsory treatment.

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