The Supreme Court of Dagestan called the ruling of the Investigative Committee to dismiss the claim to open a criminal case based on the report about the attack on the crisis apartment of Marem group where Khalimat Taramova was taken out by force a year ago, to be legal and justified


16 June 2022


On 12 June 2021, journalist and human rights defenders Svetlana Anokhina and her colleagues from the Marem crisis group that helps women who suffered from home violence in the Northern Causasus, applied to the Committee Against Torture. By that moment, the story of Khalimat Taramova, who fled from home, was a high-profile case in the mass media, and the girl herself managed to record a video addressed to her relatives asking them to stop the pursuit, and after she taken home, another one, addressed to human rights defenders, informing them that she was fine and that her flight from home was a mistake.   

According to the investigators, there was nothing illegal in the law-enforcement officers’ actions, however, this version does not coincide with what the applicant told human rights defenders from the CAT.   

According to them, on 10 June, the police officers came in the Marem crisis apartment, questioned Taramova and left. In the evening, one of them returned and asked to let him in for some clarifications. But, together with him, several other officers entered into the apartment with him and about 30 more people were at the entrance and in the street. According to the applicants, the law-enforcement officers brutally dragged them out of their apartment and delivered them to the police department.

Later on, the medics registered the women with hematomas and contusions. Responding to this, one of the police officers told the investigative authorities that the women “lay on the stairs and rolled themselves down”, ignoring the “demands and persuasions to calm down”.   

“I was shouting that I had a heart stroke, I felt dizzy, like everything was around was foggy, — Svetlana Anokhina recalls, — Three men were carrying me with my head down, two were holding my legs, two – my arms. Once I hit myself with the back of my head, another time – with my low back. Each time I was hitting myself against the stairs.

Administrative protocols were drawn up against the women, but on 11 June 2021 the court did not find an element of crime in their actions. Khalimat Taramova was taken to Checnnya – at the present time, nothing is known about the girl’s fate.

As of now, a year after the incident, the Investigative Committee dismissed claims to open a criminal case twice. On 23 May 2022, the Supreme Court of Dagestan upheld the ruling of the Investigative Committee – now we are preparing an application to the Court of Cassation and the ECHR.  

At the same time, both the investigator and the judge claim that the police officers legally entered the premises to check the information on an alleged crime. In the explanations of the police officers, on the other hand, it was stated that the apartment invasion was carried out to give Khalimat’s father an opportunity to talk to her. The fact that a talk of a father and a daughter is a family business which is not part of the police officers’ competence, was completely ignored.  

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