The trial of the former Deputy Head of Colony-Settlement No. 11 has started in Orenburg region


04 October 2016

The Novotroitsky City Court of Orenburg region started the trial of the criminal case regarding former Deputy Head of Colony-Settlement No.11 Murat Kumarov, accused of receiving the bribe in the amount of 24, 400 rubles. As we have previously reported, Kumarov is a person involved in another criminal case relating to the sexual battery and abuse of office.

(Murat Kumarov, the source of the photo:

As it follows from the indictment, Kumarov received a bribe in the amount of 24,400 rubles from the convicted person for the permit to use the mobile phone and its accessories at the regime territory of the colony-settlement residential area which is prohibited at the penitentiary facility, and also to move freely around the territory of the colony and for the general protection.

Colony-Settlement No. 11 of the department of Federal Penitentiary Service of the Russian Federation in Orenburg region caused the interest of human rights defenders from the Committee Against Torture as early as in summer 2013. At that time Irina Balashova applied for legal assistance and reported that her partner Sergey Nikonorov servicing his sentences in the Federal Correctional Institution Colony-Settlement No. 11 for the Orenburg region was trapped in unbearable and inhuman conditions created by the staff of the colony, which is headed by Filyus Khusainov: convicts were systematically subjected to ill-treatment, including threats of sexual abuse. 

The treatment had been caused by Nikonorov’s refusal to work at construction sites, and his forced labor complaints were lodged with the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor’s Office. Based on these episodes former head of this penal institution Filyus Khusainov was convicted and sentenced to three years prison term with serving the sentence in a standard regime penal colony.

In end of 2013 the picture of appalling abuse of power in Colony-Settlement No.11 was supplemented by testimonies of convicts K. and D. (full names are not given due to ethical reasons), who informed that they systematically abused by the Colony’s officers. They wrote letters to the Orenburg branch of the Committee Against Torture out of despair, since after the failed attempt to flee (motivated by batteries) one of them was raped by the convict from the so called «core group» in the presence of the Colony officers and at their order and this was recorded by the administration officers using the video recorder.

As we have previously reported, in April this year the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation for Orenburg region initiated a criminal case against Deputy Head of Orenburg Penal Colony-Settlement No.11 Murat Kumarov. The case was opened in relation to crimes under item «а» Part 2 Article 132 of the Criminal Code of the RF («Sexual battery performed by a group of persons by previous concert») and item «а» Part 3 Article 286 УК РФ («Abuse of office using violence of threatening with violence»).

Later on former Head of the colony-settlement Filyus Khusainov was charged based on the same articles but the investigation considered that Mr Khusainov was not only a participant but the organizer of this abuse of the convicts.

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