A police investigator from Ufa is found guilty of tortures

Событие | Пресс центр

05 мая 2009

   Today the Demsky district court of Ufa has adjudicated on the case against junior police investigator of the Demsky district Department of the Interior (Ufa) Veener Bikmukhametov. The officer is found guilty under cl. “a”, p. 3 art. 286 of the RF CC (abuse of office with violent treatment). The court has sentenced Bikmukhametov to three years of imprisonment conditionally and has forbidden him to work as public servant for 2 years. Earlier specialists of the Bashkirian representation of the Committee against Torture pressed for instigation of criminal proceedings against Mr. Bikmukhametov, conducted a public investigation under the victims’ application and provided a lawyer who represented the interests of Mr. Yantuganov and Mr. Nikanorov abused by the policeman.

During today’s hearing the defendant pled guilty, apologized to the victims, Samat Yantuganov and Sergey Nikonorov, and paid 25 000 roubles as compensation of damage to each victim. The court evaluated this as a mitigating circumstance.

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