17-year old resident of Anapa told human rights defenders that the police officers in the Department of the Interior threatened him with a gun, beat him up and forced him to confess of theft 


16 December 2022


The mother of 17-year old M. Applied to the Krasnodar branch of the Crew Against Torture. She told human rights defenders that in the end of October her son was taken to the Anapa Police Department alone, without legal representatives. The teenager spent 8 hours there without parents, and later on he said that he confessed of theft of household appliances, having yielded to tortures and threats. M. denies his involvement in the crime.    

The teenager’s mother Elena said that in the morning of 26 October police officers in civilian clothes came to their house and saying «You know everything yourself» brought her son to the Department of the Interior of Anapa.  The woman warned the police officers that M. was an underage and suggested that she goes there with him. However, one of the police officers assured her that «not one hair of her son’s head will fall to the ground»

Later on, M. told Elena that when he was delivered to the police department, two police officers threatened him and demanded that he confessed of household appliances’ theft. Allegedly, they had evidence that the teenager, together with a friend of his, М. robbed the delivery service office. M. did not remember names and surnames of the police officers.   

«One of them was threatening me with his Makarov service gun. He pointed the gun at me, recharged him», – M. told the CAT lawyers.

According to M., apart from threatening, the police officers were beating his feet and released tobacco smoke in his face, handcuffed him. 

«A police officer grabbed the handcuffs’ chain and started to pull it and jerk it. He threatened me that during the search they will find something illegal at home. Someone hit my neck three times with the sharp of the hand», – the teenager described.

M. got scared for his relatives in the homes of which the search could be conducted and promised to cooperate. The police officers brought the teenager to the hotel at the Parkovaya street where a friend of his Nikita was, handcuffed, together with three operational officers. There, according to him, the allegedly stolen goods were. In the hotel room, according to M., the police officers were hitting him several times in the stomach, because he was trying to stand up from the place where he told him to sit. By the evening time, both young men were brought back to the same police department, where they signed a confession and read it aloud for record by a phone. At that moment, the teenager’s father was present in the room. The police officers took M.’s fingerprints and after that the man took his son home.    

On the same evening, when M. Returned home, the teenager’s mother called for an ambulance. The young man was taken to the first aid station, where he was examined by a surgeon and questioned by a police officer who arrived after the ambulance reported a battery of a teenager. Several days later, M. applied to the bureau of forensic medical examination. There he was diagnosed with a brain concussion, extravasations and bruises on the body. A psychotherapist whom we sent M. to, diagnosed him with a post-traumatic stress disorder.   

The comment by the CAT lawyer 

«М. is underage, that is why conducting special investigation activities and check regarding the theft shall be conducted taking into account the legislative requirements. Namely – with mandatory involvement of legal representatives of the underage. The parents are legal representatives of their kids and defend their rights and interests from all physical and legal persons, including in courts. In this situation, the father was allowed to see his son 8 hours later, after M. was delivered to the police department».   

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