31 May 2023 In Russia, the chances of getting a court’s acquittal are 0.15%. There are only three exceptions: cases against state agents, trials by jury and cases of private prosecution 29 May 2023 In April, two detainees were found dead in the Orenburg pre-trial detention center. The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case into these deaths 25 May 2023 The Nizhny Novgorod Regional Court upheld the conviction of the policemen who beat the suspect and planted mephedrone on him 17 May 2023 «While I was lying on the floor, the medics randomly kicked my legs, ribs and head». Two homeless persons from St. Petersburg complained about beatings in the city hospitals 10 May 2023 «A tacit endorsement of the informal hierarchy.» The ECHR for the first time delivered a judgment on the abuse towards the “outcasts” in Russian prisons 05 May 2023 «Inventing along the way.» Here’s how came the expert’s questioning in the case of Zarema Musayeva 02 May 2023 «I ran the fingers along my left cheek, collected some blood and saw my teeth in my hand.» During her stay at the police department, the resident of Moscow got a smashed face and two teeth knocked out 28 April 2023 In Nizhny Novgorod, the officers of the Centre for Combating Extremism searched the domiciles of the CAT’s lawyers 27 April 2023 The lawyer of the Crew Against Torture Olga Sadovskaya received the award of the Moscow Helsinki Group 21 April 2023 The ECHR awarded 76 500 euros to twenty participants of a Moscow rally for fair elections, including our applicant Mikhail Fayto 21 April 2023 The Supreme Court of the Chechen Republic took sides with human rights defenders in the case of torture of Timur Debishev 19 April 2023 «You ought to trust us.» A resident of Sochi claims that he was beaten by the policemen while asking to show their identification 14 April 2023 A resident of Moscow ended up in the hospital with a fractured rib after a police raid at the exhibition of artist Sasha Skochilenko 04 April 2023 Results of our lawyers’ work in 2022 03 April 2023 «As they began to drag me across the floor, I felt a crack in my right hand.» In Moscow, the Investigative Committee launched an inquiry into the actions of the policemen who broke the arm of a stylist  31 March 2023 The court in Ufa ordered to pay 200 thousand rubles to a truck driver as compensation for the beating by the officer of the Russian Guard  29 March 2023 The court in Orenburg acquitted the police officers charged with beating and threatening to rape a detainee 28 March 2023 The European Court of Human Rights today has at once communicated 37 complaints lodged on behalf of torture victims 13 March 2023 In Orenburg, the Prosecutor requested that the three police officers are sentenced to 6.5 years of penal colony, each. They are charged with the battery of an apprehended person and threatening to rape him   09 March 2023 A resident of Kuban has been kept in Pre-Trial Detention Facility for the fourth year on suspicion of a murder of an acquaintance of his. The man thinks that the criminal case is forged and accuses the police officers of tortures