18 July 2024 A resident of the Amur region claims that a policeman stepped on his head at one of the Komsomolsk-on-Amur police stations 01 July 2024 A Moscow resident claims that a security guard broke her leg when she wanted to use the restroom after the bar closed 14 June 2024 The policemen took one of the applicants to the police station in the trunk and beat the other applicant on the head with a wooden plank. 400,000 rubles were awarded to two Nizhny Novgorod residents who were ill-treated during their arrest 10 June 2024 «They stretched me out and said that an “executioner” was coming for me.» A businessman from Stavropol claims that policemen tortured him with electric shock in the basement 28 May 2024 Zarema Musayeva was awarded 52,000 euros in respect of non-pecuniary damage. The European Court assessed the inhuman treatment against her, as well as the threats from the Chechen authorities 07 May 2024 «You’re a poor father and husband.» A resident of Moscow claims that he was beaten and insulted by a bailiff. On two occasions, the Investigative Committee refused to open a criminal case into these events 27 April 2024 A court in Dagestan sentenced two police officers to fines and suspended prison sentences in a case of beating a woman and fabricating a criminal case. One of the defendants was acquitted 19 April 2024 The medical commission concluded that Zarema Musayeva was not ill enough to be released from the correctional colony for health reasons 18 April 2024 «The officer brought a poster «No to war!» and claimed that I purportedly stood with that poster near the police station.» For the past two years, an attorney from St. Petersburg has been trying to hold policemen accountable for threats. 12 April 2024 A Nizhny Novgorod policeman was sentenced to 4 years in a correctional colony. He claimed that the victim himself came across a stun gun with his face 04 April 2024 «They stepped on my hands and struck me in the head.» After a week, no investigation has been opened into the actions of the state agents who detained the RUSNEWS journalist near the home of Antonina Favorskaya 02 April 2024 Zarema Musayeva’s health worsened: she has been recently hospitalized 29 March 2024 A member of the election commission from St. Petersburg claims that she was forcibly removed from the polling station during the counting of ballots at the recent presidential elections 25 March 2024 The activists of the Сrisis Сenter Marem are require the court to recover 1,5 million rubles from the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for having been dragged out of their apartment and down the stairs during their arrest in the Republic of Dagestan 21 March 2024 A human rights activist from St. Petersburg claims that he was thrown down the stairs by military commissariat employees 14 March 2024 «We can do whatever we want, as the State has other problems nowadays, and no one will care for you.» A Moscow resident claims that after this phrase, the policemen beat him and threatened to rape him 07 March 2024 Zarema Musayeva has not been given a medical examination for more than two months. This fact delays the court’s review of her request for release 27 February 2024 The children are left alone on the street and not allowed to say goodbye to their apprehended parents. The UN asks Russia to adopt legislation to protect minors during the law enforcement operations 22 February 2024 «The policemen beat me with extreme cruelty and sadism.» In Orenburg, a woman, who had been tortured by police, was awarded half a million rubles 08 February 2024 «You are not a senior cadet. You’re a schmuck and a bastard.» The Investigative Committee found no violations in the actions of the director, whom the Rostov cadet accused of beating and insulting
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