19-year old powerlifting champion of the Krasnodar Territory is hospitalized after apprehension by the police officers


13 October 2021

Aleksey Dinisenko from the Tbilisskaya village of the Krasnodar Territory applied to the Krasnodar branch of the Committee Against Torture. He told human rights defenders that he was beaten up by the police officers of the Tbilissky District Department of the Interior. Lawyers with the Committee Against Torture started a public investigation. Deputy Prosecutor of the Krasnodar Territory Mikhail Legovets is personally supervising the processing of the human rights defenders’ application.

According to Aleksey, on 4 October 2021, he was taken from his home by three investigative officers who brought him to the police department of the Tbilissky District. They demanded that the man confessed of theft and applied physical force against him.

That is how Dinisenko recalls what was going on at the police department: «Everyone was beating me up in turns. As far as I could see, there was a towel wrapped around the hand of one of the police officers, he beat me with this hand two times, several times on the head, and hit a forehead and the left ear. It was painful and I screamed of pain».

While Aleksey was at the police department, his mother, Natalya Dinisenko, called the law-enforcement crisis hotline. In response to her calls, the police officer called Natalya back every hour and reported that everything was fine with her son, and that he was being talked to.

After midnight Aleksey was released: «At night I could not sleep, my feet hurt, as well as my stomach, I was sick and had a headache. All night I stayed at home. In the morning, a police officer started to call me. I did not pick up the phone, I was afraid I would be taken to the police department, again».

On 5 October, a criminal investigator was calling Dinisenko since early morning, and, when he failed to reach him, he came to his house and demanded that he came to the police department to see the investigator. Later on, Aleksey felt bad and started to vomit. He applied to the Tbilisskaya District Hospital, where he was hospitalized.

The hospital’s neurologist and a surgeon diagnosed Aleksey with a closed craniocerebral injury, brain concussion and a contusion of the soft tissues of the back. At the present time, the young man is still at hospital under treatment.

District police officer of the Tbilisskaya rural settlement District Department of the Interior Anastasia Ralko is conducting a check of the crime report on applying violence by the police officers against Dinisenko. During her communicating with the lawyers with the Committee Against Torture, Anastasia informed that she «extended the timeline of the check up to 7 days and at the present time is gathering the material characterizing Aleksey Denisenko». 

By the way, 19-year old Aleksey has the 1st athletic title and the Krasnodar Territory Powerlifting Cup.

On 12 October, human rights defenders and Aleksey’s mother, Natalya Denisenko applied to Deputy Prosecutor of the Krasnodar Territory Mikhail Legovets during the personal appointment, where they informed about illegal actions of the police officers. Legovets took an ownership on the supervision of the processing of the application.

«We shall be insisting that a criminal case is opened, – lawyer with the Krasnodar branch of the Committee Against Torture Anna Kotsareva. – We already applied to the internal security of the Chief Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior and to Deputy Prosecutor of the Territory Mikhail Legovets, as well as to the Investigative Department with the Investigative Committee for the Krasnodar Territory with a demand to perform an effective investigation of the application submitted by Aleksey Dinisenko».

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