7 000 rubles will be paid to the victim of unlawful actions of the Mariy El Military Commissariat


14 February 2012

On February 13 the Yoshkar-Ola city court awarded Konstantin Almakayev 7 thousand rubles as compensation of moral damage incurred by unlawful actions of the Mariy El Military Commissariat. The judgment will enter into force in 10 days.

You may remember that on February 16, 2011 the Mariy El representation of the Committee Against Torture received an application form Konstantin Almakayev, who reported that on November 11, 2010 around 9 p.m. in the station square of the village of Sovietsky he had been beaten by a Special Police Task Force officer, as a result of which he had sustained a serious injury (skull fracture). Three days later Konstantin was found fit for military service by the Draft Board. Konstantin asked the doctors to examine him, as he had several complaints. The doctors told him to go home and come again later for conscription. 

On November 15, 2010 Almakayev went to district hospital and was admitted with the following diagnosis – closed craniocerebral injury, fracture of the parietal and frontal bones, brain contusion. On December 21, 2010 he had a surgery following which he was acknowledged disabled of the 3rd degree.

A prosecutorial check confirmed the above facts, and the Mariy El Military Commissariat was found in breach of clause 22 of the Military Medical Examinationи Guidelines, stipulating that the main objective of the medical examination prior to enlistment is to exclude citizens not fit for military service for health reasons.  We were glad to learn that the prosecutor’s office supported the victim’s claim during the hearing.

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