A citizen of Diveyevo accuses the police of violent treatment


02 December 2008

Having conducted a check under the application of Mr. Vadim Korolyov from the village of Diveyevo, Nizhny Novgorod region, the Interregional Committee against Torture concluded that the young man’s rights under art.3 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (prohibition of torture) had been violated. Mr. Korolyov claims that he had been detained by the police near the village recreation centre on 24 March 2997 where he had come with his girlfriend and friends in order to have good time.

According to Vadim, a drunken police officer came up to them and started flirting with his girlfriend, and in reply to the young men’s admonitions he “dragged” Mr. Korolyov to his car. Under the threat of violence the officer made Vadim get into the car and took him to the Diveyevo district Directorate of the Interior where the battery started. The officer kicked Mr. Korolyov several times on the legs, he was wearing heavy army boots and after the incident Vadim suffered from severe pain for a long time.

Mr. Korolyov was placed in custody and spent 2 days in detention.

The medical examination showed that the young man had multiple abrasions and contusions resulting from 5 different types of traumatic impact. The investigation authorities where Mr. Korolyov applied after the battery have many times refused to instigate criminal proceedings on the allegations of police abuse.

It should be mentioned that several hours before the incident the officer who allegedly battered Mr. Korolyov returned from an official trip to Nizhny Novgorod where he had taken part in the crackdown of the notorious Dissenters’ March on 24 March 2007.

At the moment specialists of the Committee against Torture are conducting a public investigation under Vadim Korolyov’s application.

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