A citizen of Nizhny Novgorod claiming he was battered by policemen was arrested right after a TV story based on the accident.


25 October 2007
  Photo:Valery Dontsov

Valeriy Dontsov from Opalikha claiming that he was fiercely beaten by investigators from Kstovo Regional Police Department was again detained by the police. This was reported by lawyers of the Committee against Torture who are conducting an investigation based on his application. As a restraint measure the court selected custody for him.

On the 26th of July the court refused to impose a measure of restriction upon Dontsov, moreover, he was not indicted.

And only after the story of Dontsov was shown on Nizhny Novgorod TV on the 21st of October 2007, the law enforcement authorities immediately indicted him and did their utmost to lock him up.

Kstovo prosecutor’s office submitted a motion to court to place Dontsov in custody substantiating their petition with hilarious arguments – Dontsov is assertedly hiding away from the investigation. It seems that in the opinion of the prosecutor’s office, investigators and court, this retired, gravely ill, handicapped old man burnt-out by his son’s death and “valiant” Kstovo police officers’ “tendance” and who spends all his time in a village 10 km away from Kstovo can flee from justice…

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