A criminal case has been opened based on the fact of a forearm fracture in the course of apprehension by the police officers


03 November 2015

(Dmitry Raszhivin)

Investigator of the Gorodetskiy Interdistrict Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the RF for the Nizhny Novgorod region Roman Noshenkov initiated criminal proceedings based on applying violence by an unidentified police officer against Dmitry Raszhivin from Gorodets, which resulted in a forearm fracture of the victim.  

According to Dmitry Raszhivin who applied to the Committee for Prevention of Torture,  in the evening of 25 September of this year he was drinking beer in a company of friends at his place. Having decided to call it a day, the friends went out for a smoke in the yard.   

«GAZelle police vehicle stopped nearby, and several police officers went out and came to us. Without introducing themselves or specifying any requirements they started to seize us one after another. They twisted my left arm so hard that I felt pain in the area of the left joint, – Dmitry told us. – After that they lay me on the floor of the police vehicle, and one of the officers started to choke me so that I started to pass out, and noticing it, he let me free».

According to Raszhivin, after the Gorodetsky Police Department he was taken to the Central District Hospital for medical examination in order to check his condition of alcoholic intoxication, there he was diagnosed with a fracture of the left arm in the area of the elbow joint and it was put in plaster.  

After that the detainee was again taken to the local police department where a report on administrative violation was drawn up in relation to his being in the state of alcoholic intoxication in a public place. Because of the fractured arm Dmitry was not capable of signing a document, so his mother did it for him, leaving a comment that she did not agree to the report. As the victim emphasized, he was never given the copy of the report. 

In her turn, Raszhivin’s wife Anastasia told the human rights defenders that when she arrived at the hospital she saw bruises under her husband’s left brow and noticed that his arm was swollen. When she asked the police officers what had happened, they answered that Dmitry fell and damaged his arm.  

«However, after the fact of the fracture was established by the doctors, the police officers told me they applied physical force to him. They never explained why they used force, only mentioned that «such things happen…», – Anastasia  Raszhivina reported.

Based on Dmitry Raszhivin’s application the lawyers of the Committee for Prevention of Torture questioned four witnesses of the incident, and together with the applicant submitted a crime report to the Gorodetskiy Interdistrict Investigative Department on 29 September. 
Today human rights defenders received a copy of the order on institution of criminal proceedings. Apart from other things, it stated the following: «in the course of apprehension and  delivery of D.V.Raszhivin to the Gorodetskiy Department of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia on 25 September 2015  an unidentified police officer, clearly exceeding his authority, inflicted the following injuries to D.V.Raszhivin: closed fractures of the left elbow bone coronoid, outer epicondyle of the left upper arm bone, scratches on the lower leg, which, taken together, caused the infliction of moderately severe health damage… which, in its turn,  caused a material violation of D.V.Raszhivin’s rights and lawful interests».

Lawyer of INGO «The Committee for Prevention of Torture» Sergey Romanov, representing the interests of Dmitry Raszhivin: «In the framework of the check related to Dmitry’s application to our organization we organized forensic medical examination, which showed infliction of moderately severe health damage. The applicant also passed a psychophysiological examination with the use of polygraph, which confirmed that he was telling the truth.  After Dmitry is  declared the victim in this case, we shall submit a petition to the investigation requesting to identify the police officers who took part in his apprehension, as well as to examine the data from the dashboard camera of the police car».

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