A criminal case is initiated in Ufa on the fact of torture usage


04 March 2013

On March 1, 2013 the investigating bodies of the IC RF in Bashkortostan Republic initiated a criminal case against a criminal operative of the Police Department №1 of Demsky district of Ufa on suspicion in committing a crime provided for by clauses “a,b” part 3 article 286 CC RF (excess of powers with violence and using specific means).

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It is recalled, that in February, 2013 a 17-year old citizen of Ufa Denis Govorun appealed for help to the office of IRPO “Committee against torture” in Bashkortostan.  He told the rights defenders that in the morning of January 28, 2013 he was coming home from volleyball competitions in Samara. Two policemen in civilian approached him at the “Dema” railway station; they showed a police ID and asked to go with them.

In the police department №1 of the Demsky district of Ufa they began to “break” him so that he confessed that he had participated in a cafe theft on the night of 6/7 January 2013. Denis’s answer that he had nothing to do with that crime didn’t satisfy them and three police officers put him on the floor and tied him up. He sat like this for half an hour or so.

Then the policemen untied him and went on with the talk, but Denis still insisted he knew nothing of the theft. According to Denis, they began to threaten him, saying they would “plant” drugs and put him into jail, then started to beat him with hands and a rubber club. They beat him with skill: on his arms, legs, back.

Then, as the applicant claims, they used the so-called “televisor(TV)” torture. They manacled his hands, seated him on the floor, tied his legs with a rope and wound it around his neck, having put a towel on it beforehand in order not to leave marks. After that the policemen pulled his head to his legs and fixed him like that for 30 minutes. But Denis still stood his ground. Then the policemen kept their promise and “planted” drugs to him, called attesting witnesses and conducted the confiscation in their presence. However even this didn’t make the boy slander himself.

As Denis told, only after three hours of his detainment a children’s officer came to the room; about 10 in the evening they let the boy go, his mother and friend were waiting out front because policemen wouldn’t let them in. They went home together, then to a first-aid center, where the fact of beating was stated and the young man took a certificate about multiple bruises and hematomas; after that they went to the Investigative Committee and Denis wrote a claim about the crime.

The workers of the «Committee against torture» carry out a public inquiry on the application of Denis Govorun, also they provide legal support.

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