A cruel know-how of police officers in Bashkortostan – assault and battery of children as a means to settle corporate disputes


18 January 2007

Tomorrow, on 19 January 2007, the District Court of Tumayzi City, Bashkortostan, will consider the criminal case against A.G.Gabdrakhmanov and F.F.Farrakhov, district police officers of the Tumayzi Central Police Station (GROVD), and also against A.T.Zakiriv, ex general director of JSC PZ ‘Tumayzinsky’.

    The police officers are charged with power abuse (art. 285 of the RF Criminal Code), power abuse with coercion (art. 286 of the RF CC) and forgery of official papers.  A.T. Zakirov is charged with forcible assertion of right (art. 330 of the RF CC). 6 citizens, including two minors, and LLC SKhP ‘Nikitinka’ became victims as a result of their unlawful actions.

    You may remember, that on 19 August 2005, the police officers, being aware of the fact, that A.Zakirov was arbitrary seizing the cattle, namely 165 heads, which belonged to LLC SKhP ‘Nikitinka’, did not stop him, and even assisted him. They beat two under age boys who tried to protect the property of LLC SKhP ‘Nikitinka’. Later, the same officers unlawfully detained 4 workers of LLC SKhP ‘Nikitinka’. Then they falsified administrative detention protocols, which they used to call to account innocent people. 

    On 13 September 2005 the victims addressed the Regional Office of NGO NN Committee Against Torture in Tumayzi, Bashkortostan. Vladislav Sadykov, a lawyer of the Office conducted a public investigation. One of the victims, minor Ruslan Tangaev, undergone treatment in the medical rehabilitation center of the Committee Against Torture. The victims’ interests at the trial will be supported by advocate Raymanov, a member of our organization. 

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