A district policeman has beaten a man to death


14 December 2007

On 19 December the Buguruslan City Court of the Orenburg region is to hold the hearing of arguments under a notorious case against two police officers charged with the crimes under Article 111 para. 4 (Willful infliction of serious injuries to health), Article 285 para. 3 (Abuse of official powers entailing serious consequences), and Article 286 para.3 (а, б, в) of the Russian Criminal Code (Commission by an official of actions that are beyond his or her powers entailing a significant violation of rights and lawful interests of citizens, committed with the use of violence and special means, and entailing serious consequences).

    You may remember that exactly two years ago, on 19 December 2005 Mr Lyamov was cruelly beaten by to district police officers in Buguruslan district police station (GROVD). Then they left him lying on the floor in the hall of the police station without rendering him necessary medical aid. Several hours later, when the ambulance at last came, the doctor only confirmed that Mr Lyamov was dead. The policemen told the doctor the name of the dead man, but later they reported to the Regional Department of Internal Affairs (UVD) that they had found an unidentified body.

    Relatives of the victim applied to the Bashkortostan Office of the INGO Committee Against Torture and its lawyers started a public investigation into the case. The forensic medical examination established that the body of Mr Lyamov bore multiple injuries inflicted on him while alive (bruises and abrasions on the face and soft tissues of the head, cerebral hemorrhage, ruptures of cervical vertebrae and other injuries).

    Lawyers of the Committee Against Torture achieved the initiation of a criminal case against the policemen who had beaten Mr Lyamov and continue granting legal aid to the victim’s relatives. A lawyer of the Committee represents their interests before the court.

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