A Former Member of the Mariy-El Special Police Force, Who Made a Young Man Disabled, Is to Face Justice


23 May 2012

On May 21, 2012, the Novotoryalsky District Prosecutor of the Republic of Mariy-El approved a bill of indictment based on the outcomes of investigation into criminal case in regard to severe health damage inadvertently imposed on Konstantin Almakayevу by Andrey Bulygin, a former officer of the Special Police Force (OMON) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Republic of Mariy-El.

(By now, Almakayev has been recognized as a 3d category disabled person)
Let us recall that in March 2011 Konstantin ALMAKAYEV, a resident of Sovetsky Village in the Republic of Mariy-El, applied to the Mariy-El Office of the Interregional NGO “The Committee against Torture’ and told the following. On November 11, 2010, he and his friends went to a local cafe to celebrate his friend’s return from the army; in the cafe, they were approached by several men, who behaved in an aggressive manner and appeared to be tipsy. They didn’ like the guys were standing in the driveway and blocking the traffic, and one of the men kicked Almakayev in the chest. As it became clear later, that man was an officer from the Special Police Force (OMON) of the Republic’s Ministry of Internal Affairs. As a result of the kick, Konstantin fell down, hit asphalt with his head severely and fainted; when he recovered, he could hardly understand what was going on around him. His friends lifted him and brought him home, where he stayed in bed for two days.
Striking as it is, regardless of all Konstantin’s claims, the condition of his health did not arouse any suspicions on the part of the doctors in the Mariy-El draft board and military commissariat, where Konstantin arrived on November 14, 2010, after having been summoned. The conscript was considered fit (!) for army service. He was released home on condition that he would show up on the following day.
However, on the following day Almakayev was instead accepted to the Municipal Healthcare Institution ‘The Central Hospital of the Sovetsky District’, his diagnosis being “a closed craniocerebral injury, a closed linear fracture of the right pubis and parietal bone, a brain contusion”. On December 21, 2010, Almakayev was operated on; the operation included a right-side craniotomy, the excision of an inveterate epidural hematoma in the right parietal region, and the draining of the subdural space. By now, Almakayev has been recognized as a 3d category disabled person.
On January 13, 2011, Konstantin filed a crime report with the Sovetsky Inter-District Investigation Department. However, in order for a criminal investigation to be initiated, the applicant and lawyers from the Committee against Torture, who acted on his behalf, had to lodge two complaints about the unlawful refuse to commence criminal proceedings since the investigative agency had failed to find a criminal event in this case.
The criminal investigation, which had been commenced in connection with the available signs of the crime provided for by Art. 118, Pt. 1. of the Russian Criminal Code, was subsequently suspended for three times due to a failure to establish the suspected person. Thereafter, members of the Committee against Torture also lodged complaints saying they disagreed with such decisions. In total, human rights activists file eleven complaints.
As of now, in the framework of the criminal investigation initiated following Konstantin Almakayev’s application, the required investigative actions have been taken and the prosecutor has signed a bill of indictment with respect to Andrey Bulygin. In the nearest future, the case file will be forwarded to the Sovetsky District Court for consideration on the merits. Meanwhile, we wil be preparing for the trial…

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