A lady from Zavolzhye protects her honour and dignity against the investigation committee


19 January 2009

  On 20 January at 13.30 the Nizhegorodskiy district court of Nizhny Novgorod will try the suit of Ms. Marina Veselovskaya from Zavolzhye against the Investigation Administration and the RF Finance Ministry on the merits.  The claimant demands compensation of moral damage in the amount of 100000 roubles incurred by an investigator from the Investigation Committee who had disseminated false information about her.

Lawyers of the Interregional Committee against Torture helping Ms. Veselovskaya filed a claim to court already in November 2008. Ms. Veselovskaya states that by refusing to open criminal proceedings against traffic police and patrol and point duty service officers whom Marina accuses of unprovoked assault the investigation body disseminated false, unfounded information besmearing her honour and dignity.

In particular, in his refusal to open criminal proceedings that the court later found unlawful and unmotivated Investigation Committee worker Burenkov mentioned that Ms. Veselovskaya had committed an administrative offense which is not true.

Thus, the investigator asserted Ms. Veselovskaya’s guilt without any grounds for that on behalf of the RF Investigation Committee. According to the RF Civil Code, an individual whose dignity was besmeared by false accusations has the right to compensation of moral damage.

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