A Mariy El citizen is awarded 20000 roubles for tortures by the police


26 September 2008

 Today specialists of Regional Non-governmental Oganization “Chelovek i Zakon” (Man and Law) got to know that the judgment of the Yoshkar-Ola city court obliging the police officers who had battered Mr. Evgeniy Abrosimov to pay him 20 thousand roubles as compensation of moral damage entered into force on 23 September 2008.
       You may remember that at night on 18 May 2004 two young men, Evgeniy Abrosmov and Mikhail Tulovchikov, were sitting in their car when the police approached them and accused them of being guards of an unauthorized parking lot. The young men denied the accusation. Then, in order to obtain a confession to an administrative (mind it!) crime from them, the police started brutally beating the men with a batt they found in the car. Later the guys were taken to the Zarechniy police station where the battery continued, the young men were taken one after another to a room for a “private talk”. As a result the youngsters got multiple injuries.
    Regional Non-governmental Oganization “Chelovek i Zakon” (Man and Law) together with the Public Verdict Foundation and the Interregional Committee against Torture conducted a public investigation of the events. The forensic medical examination showed multiple bruises and abrasions on Evgeniy’s body.
     Human rights defenders pressed for initiation of criminal proceedings against officers Vladimir Popov and Nikolay Zhuravlyov who had battered the young men. On 29 April 2005 the Yoshkar-Ola city court found them guilty and sentenced them to 12.5 and 11.5 years of imprisonment accordingly.
     Mikhail Tulovchikov received a compensation for tortures from the Mariy El Ministry of Finance already in August 2007 (he got 20 000 roubles). Now the state is to perform its obligations and to restore justice in respect of Evgeniy Abrosimov whose rights were violated by state representatives.

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