A mother will get 300000 roubles because the police killed her son


17 October 2008

Photo:Kanat Amirov

    Yesterday the Leninskiy district court of Orsk, Orenburg region, sustained the claim of Ms. Jamal Amirova against the Russian Federation for compensation of moral damage incurred by unlawful actions of state representatives. The court awarded Ms. Amirova 300 000 roubles to be paid by the Orenburg region Treasury.   

As the Committee against Torture reported earlier, in June 2006 the applicant’s 30-year old son Kanat Amirov was taken to the Leninskiy district Administration of Internal Affairs in Orsk for committing an administrative offense, and in the morning the mother received the son’s corpse at the police station. The public investigation was carried out by the Orenburg office of the Committee against Torture. In May this year the court adjudicated that Mr. Kanat Amirov had died of a stomach injury resulting from blows delivered by traffic police officers. Police officer Dmitriy Savelyev was found guilty and sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment.

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