A Nizhny Novgorod resident claims that the police “enveloped” him


06 April 2011

An “envelope” is a type of torture when victim’s arms are twisted behind his/her back and fixed with handcuffs, legs are tied up with a belt, a rope is pulled through the intertangling of arms and legs, so that the victim finds him/herself folded like an envelope.

   According to Alexander Dmitriyev, he was subject to this type of torture on March 8, 2011 in police department no.7 in the Sovietsky district of Nizhny Novgorod.

   Mr. Dmitriyev, applicant of the ICAT, claims that on March 6 he was unlawfully taken away from his flat by unknown people who introduced themselves as policemen. He was driven to police department no.7 where the police first threatened him with sexual abuse by means of a mop, in order to make him confess to stealing building implements in the Sovietsky district. 

  On March 7 the Sovietsky district magistrate court which examined the charge of resistance to authority brought against Dmitriyev relieved him from administrative responsibility for the lack of offense. However, the police detained him for one more day and resorted to violence instead of threats. They beat him and tied up in an “envelope”. Alexander was released only on March 8. Right after that he was taken to hospital 39 and diagnosed with a concussion and fracture of two vertebrae.  At the moment Alexander Dmitriyev’s mobility is limited because of the injuries sustained.  

   Specialists of the Committee Against Torture will ensure that the investigative authorities conduct an effective check of the allegations and identify those responsible.

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