A police major form Bashkiria is found guilty of tortures


02 June 2009

  On 1 July 2009 the Oktyabrsky city court (Bashkiria) found major Ayrat Sharafutdinov guilty of two crimes under article 139 (unlawful entry against the tenant’s will) and article 286 (abuse of office leading to violation of human rights and legal interests committed with violent treatment or threat of violence and usage of special devices) of the RF Criminal Code.

On 19 July 2003 police major Sharafutdinov in the capacity of district warden of the Oktyabrsky city Department of the Interior battered Mr. Ipalov causing bodily injuries. After that Sharafutdinov handcuffed Ipalov and took him to the medical detoxification centre. Also at night on 19-20 August 2004 the major, being temporarily dismissed from office, unlawfully entered Ms. N’s house through the terrace window against her will on the ground of personal dislike. When he was found he fled.

Former district warden of the Oktyabrsky city Department of the Interior was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months of imprisonment.  

At the same time Ayrat Sharafutdinov was found innocent and acquitted of 6 other charges.

Lawyers of the Bashkirian representation of the Committee against Torture representing the victims’ interests think that the verdict is unlawful and ill-founded and is to be cancelled due to the lack of correlation between the court’s conclusions and the facts of the criminal case. Therefore they are going to appeal against the judgment in the order of cassation.

Earlier the major notorious all over the Republic was prosecuted for tortures, but the court found him mentally illand freed him from criminal responsibility. In summer 2007 major Sharafutdinov was sent for compulsory treatment, this fact was reported by the Committee against Torture. The major appealed against that decision and it was cancelled due to procedural errors, after that it was retried and the second forensic medical examination found Sharafutdinov mentally competent.


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