A police officer from Orsk is found guilty of beating a person to death and sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment.


30 May 2008

  Yesterday the Leninsky district court of Orsk (Orenburg region) adjudicated on the case of Mr. Dmity Savelyev, police officer, driver of the patrol vehicle. The court agreed with the state prosecutor and confirmed in course of the judicial investigation that in June 2006 Mr. Savelyev had kicked 30-year old Orsk citizen Mr. Kanat Amirov in the stomach and as a result the victim died in the Leninskiy district department of Internal Affairs.

The proceedings chaired by judge Svetlana Voynova lasted more than a year. The victim’s mother’s interests were represented by head of the Orenburg office of the Committee against Torture Mr. Vyacheslav Dyundin.

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