A Pre-trial detention facility officer, suspected of the battery of convicts after the riot at the Angarsk penal colony, is taken into custody


03 December 2021

Photo is published by Petr Kuryanov, “The Foundation of the Convicts’ Rights Protection”

According to the victims, Vasily Lukovskiy repeatedly beat up the convicts arrived from Penal Colony No.15 with wooden hammer and a polypropylene tube accompanied by song “Vasilisa likes to have fun very much”.

Head of day shift of Pre-trial detention facility No.6 Vasiliy Lukovskiy was sent to the investigative cell in October. However, the victims learned about it only after the ruling on the custody was appealed against by the Lukovskiy’s lawyer.

As we have previously reported, the riot in the Angarsk penal colony which took place in April 2020 was brutally suppressed by the Federal Penitentiary Service officers and the special ops unit. After that, hundreds of convicts were taken to other institutions of the Federal Penitentiary Service facilities in the Irkutsk region, where, according to the men’s testimony, the arrived convicts were subjected to brutal treatment and tortures aimed at obtaining evidence on the riot’s instigators.

Evgeny Gavish, the applicant of the Committee Against Torture, and Evgeny Yurchenko, who is involved in the case in the capacity of a victim, reported illegal violence by Lukovskiy”.

According to Yurchenko, Vasiliy Lukovskiy regularly beat up the person who was on duty in the cell at that moment. For the report, which was wrong in his opinion, or any other slip-ups he was beating a duty person with a polypropylene tube or a wooden hammer. Each time during the battery a song “Vasilisa likes to have fun a lot” was turned on over the radio.

“I personally went on duty in the cell on approximately 10-11th day after the electricity torture. Vasily Vasiliyevich hit my buttocks three times with a wooden hammer which led to extravasations”, — Yurchenko told human rights defenders.

Evgeny Gavrish confirmed that the Head of the day shift of the Pre-trial detention facility No.6 was involved in the battery of the convicts from his cell. In addition, upon Lukovskiy’s orders, the convicts were sitting on the floor from morning till night for 8 months, and they could not stand up, and had to obtain a special permission from the Pre-trial detention facility officers to use the toilet.

“It is worth emphasizing that the victims’ representatives learned that Lukovskiy was taken into custody, and, consequently, the charges were brought against him, only after a long period of time, and only from indirect documents. Yet, Article 42 of the Criminal and Procedural Code unequivocally establishes the victim’s right to learn about charges being brought against a person whose actions he became a victim of, — lawyer with the Committee Against Torture Vladimir Smirnov commented on the situation, — In our opinion, this once again demonstrates the negligence with which the Irkutsk investigative authorities treat the procedural rights of the victims”.

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