A teenager from Kstovo accuses the police of ill-treatment


06 September 2010

Doctors who are trying to help seventeen-year old Nikita (photo) after his encounter with officers of the Kstovo Directorate of Internal Affairs, Nizhny Novgorod region, are not sure whether they will be able to save the boy’s genitalia mutilated by the police.

   Nikita Kaftasyev’s mother applied to the Interregional Committee Against Torture claiming that in the evening on August 31 her son and his friend Roman Vaulin had been detained by the police in the street for no reason. According to the victim’s mother , and according to Nikita and his friend, they were first beaten at the police station and later taken to the District Directorate of Internal Affairs where the beatings continued. The teens were beaten and tortured, in particular, Nikita was kicked in the groin, besides that, one of the officers in the rank of lieutenant started choking him. Nikita claims that during the battery there were several officers present in the room.

In the morning Nikita, wearing blood-stained clothes, was taken home by children’s officer of the Kstovo district Directorate of Internal Affairs Natalia Ryabinina. Nikita’s mother claims that Ms. Ryabinina demanded that the boy’s relatives should write a note stating that they had no claims against the police, but they refused to do so.  

Nikita Kaftasyev was immediately taken to hospital and had an urgent surgery. At present the boy is being treated in the urology department of the Kstovo Central Hospital.

The Interregional Committee Against Torture intends to check the allegations thoroughly and ensure effective investigation of the case leading to the identification and prosecution of perpetrators.

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