A woman got paid for death: the mother of a murdered Orenburg citizen received 300 000 rubles from the state


13 January 2009

Photo: Kanat Amirov killed by the police.

    Today the Orenburg office of the Committee against Torture representing the interests of Ms. Jamal Amirova from Orenburg region has got to know that the Orenburg region Finance Ministry  has paid Ms. Amirova 300 000 roubles  as compensation of moral damage incurred by state agents. You may remember that the Interregional Committee against Torture conducted a public investigation upon the fact of her son’s (Kanat Amirov’s) murder in the Leninskiy Department of Internal Affairs of Orsk in 2006. Lawyers of the Committee against Torture pressed for initiation of a criminal case against the police officer responsible for the murder.   

The investigation and court held that police officer Dmitriy Savelyev was really guilty of killing the young man and was sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment in 2008. The court presumed that it was officer Savelyev who had kicked Mr. Amirov in the stomach causing an internal rupture that had led to a major hemorrhage and death due to blood loss. Since the perpetrator was working in the Detached battalion of the Police Patrol and Point Duty Service financed from the regional budget, the respondent was the Orenburg region Finance Ministry. The judgment awarding compensation was executed in full and on time.

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