An Orenburg resident alleges ill-treatment by the traffic police


24 October 2011

According to Vladimir, at night on August 11-12, 2011 he was stopped by the traffic police. Vladimir came out of the car and produced his documents to the officer. The police two times subjected him to the breath alcohol test and told him that he was drunk without showing the results of the test. After that the police proposed that Vladimir should call someone who could help him to solve the problem. Vladimir stated that he was sober and expressed his readiness to pass a blood test. Apparently, the police was not satisfied with the answer. All of a sudden one of the officers hit Vladimir in the temple with his fist. After that Vladimir was ordered to get into the police car and pass the test again in presence of attesting witnesses. Then the police let him out. Arkhipov got into his own car and shut the doors. One of the officers demanded that the driver should open the doors and get out. Vladimir refused to do so because he was afraid that they would beat him again. One of the officers opened the trunk door, crushed the rear seats, got inside the car and started choking Vladimir. While Arkhipov was trying to free himself, another policeman opened the door and started applying an electric shocker to him. At the same time, other traffic policemen were hitting him in the head and trunk. The last blow which made Vladimir faint was in the nose.

When Vladimir came to himself he was sitting in his car. He saw that his nose was broken and his T-shirt and jeans were smeared with blood. The police were standing nearby. Vladimir asked them to summon an ambulance because he suffered from incoagulability and could die of blood loss. The police noticed that the nose bleeding did not cease and threw him a cell phone. Vladimir called an ambulance which immediately took him to hospital.

The following morning Arkhipov was examined by a forensic-medical expert. The same day he was hospitalized for 10 days. Arkhipov has provided the ICAT medical documents confirming his injuries: a record stating that he has abrasions and contusions, an excerpt from his clinical record describing his injuries – a brain concussion, contusions of head and face soft tissues, as well as a record stating that Vladimir has burns and traces of electrocution on the body. Vladimir’s mother complained about ill-treatment to the Orenburg Regional Investigation Administration and Orenburg Regional Prosecutor’s Office. However, though he period allocated for checking the allegations has expired, there has been no response.At present a public investigation is being conducted under Vladimir’s application, and it is too earlier to draw conclusions. But if the Committee Against Tortures establishes that his rights have been violated, it will do its utmost to ensure instigation of criminal proceedings and prosecution of those responsible for abusing Vladimir.
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