An Orenburg teacher has been tortured into confessing to a crime he did not commit


25 October 2011

According to Timur, at night on September 3-4, 2011 he was in the village of Stepnoy with his friends. There Timur quarreled with someone.

Already on September 7 Timur was detained by the police near his place of work in presence of eye-witnesses. He was taken to police department no.3 of the Orenburg Directorate of the Interior. The police told Timur that the person he had quarreled with in the cafe had been robbed of his cell phone and money, and Timur was the main suspect. Timur sincerely responded that he knew nothing of the theft. Then one of the officers brought a plastic bag and with the words “now you will tell us everything” he kicked the detainee to the floor and sat down on his back. Meanwhile, two other law enforcers were holding the victim by the legs. The officer pressed the plastic bag to Timur’s face and shut the air off. When Timur started suffocating, the policeman removed the plastic bag and asked again where the phone and money were. He also hit Timur in the face and chest several times.

Finally, Timur could not stand the tortures and supposed that the cell phone could have been stolen by one of the cafe visitors. He named people he had seen that night. Timur Zhumagazeyev was released late at night.

The following day Timur went to a forensic medical bureau where he was examined. On September 13 Zhumagazeyev complained to the Investigation Committee, however, there has been no response to his application yet.

Recently Timur has learnt that the cell phone was found and returned to the owner. Nevertheless, the policemen who tortured Timur have not apologized to him and apparently do not find it necessary.

The Interregional Committee Against Torture has started a public investigation under Timur Zhumagazeyev’s application.

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