Another policeman in the dock for assault and battery of two Orenburg citizens


07 March 2013

On February 17, 2013 the investigator of the Inquiry Department of the Northern administrative district of Orenburg of the Investigative Committee RF in Orenburg region Aleksey Miroshnichenko delivered a guilty verdict to the former police operative of the police department №3 of Orenburg Oleg Litvishko who is accused of a crime provided for by paragraphs “a” and “в” part 3 article 286 CC RF (excess of powers that had harmful consequences).

(The photo shows Sergey Ivanov after the operation)

We should remind, that in March, 2012 the local resident Sergey Ivanov appealed for help to the office of IRPO «Committee against torture» in Orenburg; he informed the rights defenders that on March 14, 2012 he had been beat unmercifully by a policeman. Later Sergey was operated and his spleen was removed.

Sergey told that that evening he and his acquaintance Nikolay Savilov were returning home when a police car “GAZel” stopped near them and a policeman asked to show their papers. Sergey didn’t have any with him and agreed to drive home with the officer to take the passport. However as soon as pals had gotten into the car the policeman started to beat them. After several crashing hits Sergey fainted and came to his mind only in the police department.

He was put in a cell there and spent several hours in it. Within all the time Sergey complained of a harsh abdominal pain. Not at once, but they called an ambulance for Sergey, it took him to Pirogov’s city clinical hospital. In the hospital a splenic laceration, a fracture of a rib and multiple contusions were diagnosed. He was operated urgently and the injured organ was removed in the surgical procedure.

On March 17, 2012 a criminal case about inflicting grievous bodily harm was initiated against unknown identities based on the application of Sergey Ivanov. Later the investigation stated that the suspect was the police officer Oleg Litvishko. On March 29, 2012 the court of Dzerzhinsky district of Orenburg granted the petition of the Investigative Committee and arrested him.

Sergey Babinets, the lawyer of IRPO “Committee against torture” representing the victims’ interests, comments : «The investigation of the criminal case about beating up Sergey Ivanov and Nikolay Savilov is finished, Oleg Litvishko – the former policeman accused of excessing powers – is in the dock. But it is too early to say that the case is close to its end. Many facts still stay unclarified. For example, the investigation failed to establish who threatened Ivanov and Savilov, tried to bribe them to make them refuse to write the application about the crime. It isn’t established why only Litvishko was made criminally liable if there were several policemen in the car during the beating. The actions of the officers who didn’t call an ambulance at once also weren’t estimated. Why did the exhibits disappear from the criminal case in the course of investigation? Why wasn’t interviewed the head of regional police Efrem Romanov, who came to the police department №3 to sort out the incident. The investigation didn’t answer these and many other questions. We would be able to say that the rights of Ivanov and Savilov are restored and the guilty punished only when all the people involved in the case are established and made responsible».

Currently the case is brought to trial. The preliminary court session is assigned March 11, 2013.

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