Arzamas prosecutor Pankov is dismissed for improper supervision over the investigation of the case about Natalya Stryomina’s rape by a policeman


05 August 2010

 The Nizhny Novgorod Regional Prosecutor’s Office has issued an official report prepared upon the results of the check conducted pursuant to the application of the Committee Against Torture concerning investigation fallacies committed by workers of the Arzamas Interdistrict Investigation Department and Arzamas Prosecutor’s Office when checking Natalia Stryomina’s application. Natalia Stryomina applied to the Interregional Committee Against Torture claiming that at night on 25-26 April 2009 she had been raped at the Arzamas sobering-up station. According to the report of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office, senior investigators of the Arzamas Interdistrict Investigation Department A.M. Lyapin and M.M. Katkin, deputy head of the of the Investigation Department V.P. Zudov, head of the of the Investigation Department D.V. Kiselyov have been held disciplinary liable for delays and procedural violations committed when checking the allegations against the sobering-up station staff.  The report also says that Arzamas City Prosecutor Pankov has failed to ensure proper supervision over the check and preliminary investigation and has been dismissed.  

   It should be mentioned that investigator Lyapin has not learnt the lesson of the disciplinary charge. According to another Arzamas citizen, Galina Firsova, who applied to the CAT after the son was beaten by the local police, Mr. Lyapin resorted to psychological pressure in order to make her and her son whose arm had been broken in course of police abuse withdraw their application about the crime. Thus, Ms. Firsova managed to file an official application only the following day and only thanks to the interference of higher-ranking investigators.

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